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About FGR

Fish and Game Report is a website dedicated to providing reliable, informative and engaging content about fishing and hunting sports. Our mission is to create an online hub for passionate enthusiasts looking for the latest news, tips and tricks. We strive to equip our readers with the knowledge they need to make smart decisions in the outdoors.

Our team consists of avid outdoorsmen and women who are passionate about exploring nature and researching its many aspects. We understand that safety comes first, so we always encourage our readers to respect their environment while also enjoying every moment in it!

We know how important it is to stay current with new developments in the industry, so our team regularly updates the site with relevant information. Our goal is to make sure our readers have access to the best fishing and hunting resources available.

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast looking for up-to-date information on fishing or hunting sports, look no further than Fish and Game Report!


Our mission at Fish and Game Report is to provide information about fishing and hunting, as well as the latest outdoor news, so that readers can stay informed and make informed decisions about their passions.

We strive to be a trusted source for our readers by providing accurate and up-to-date content that is relevant to their interests.

Our goal is to help you stay informed, be inspired, stay safe, and have fun!

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We believe in transparency. We’re not here to hide anything from you, so we figured we would let you in on how we survive.

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Despite this, our reviews and product mentions are always unbiased and honest to the best of our ability. If a product is crap, we’ll tell you not to buy it.

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Our Outdoors Team

Matt Johnson

Master Outdoorsman

Matt is an adventurous outdoorsman and professional writer who loves to explore both wildlife and nature. He’s been on countless thrilling adventures all over the United States, hunting for rare game, fishing in deep lakes, and trekking through wild terrain. Not only does Matt have a vast knowledge of plants and animals, but he also likes to share his expertise through beautiful blog posts and articles in print magazines. He hopes to spread awareness about conservation, preservation, and other topics related to the environment – educating others along the way.

Earning his Masters of Science in Recreation, Park and Tourism Sciences from Texas A&M University, he seeks to apply both his education and experience in his conservation and hunting efforts.

John Malcolm

Expert Angler

John, a seasoned expert angler with over 20 years of fishing experience, has made a name for himself in the angling world through his dedication and skill. He has participated in more than 30 bass and trout tournaments across the United States, showcasing his talent and passion for the sport. One of his most notable achievements is catching an impressive 9lb bass on Lake Okeechobee. As an accomplished fisherman, John continues to inspire a new generation of anglers by sharing his expertise and love for the sport, making him a true ambassador for the angling community.

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