The Top Features and Benefits of Tactical Hunting Rifles

Matt Johnson
Matt JohnsonPublished: November 28, 2023
The Top Features and Benefits of Tactical Hunting Rifles

Something we've learned over the years is when it comes to hunting, having the right equipment is essential. While many different types of rifles are on the market, tactical hunting rifles stand out as a top choice for serious hunters.

However, not just any rifle can be considered a true tactical hunting rifle. They possess specific features and benefits that set them apart from other rifles on the market.

We'll break down the various aspects to help you find the perfect rifle for your next hunting trip.

PrecisionTactical hunting rifles are designed for accurate long-distance shots with specialized scopes and adjustable triggers, ensuring that every shot counts even at great distances.
DurabilityMade with high-quality materials, tactical hunting rifles can withstand tough conditions, including heavy recoil, extreme temperatures, and harsh weather, ensuring they can last a lifetime with proper care.
AdaptabilityTactical hunting rifles offer versatility through features like interchangeable barrels and adjustable stocks, allowing hunters to switch calibers and customize their grip for specific hunting situations.
LightweightDespite their size, many tactical hunting rifles are lightweight and easy to handle due to the use of durable yet lightweight materials like aluminum and carbon fiber, making them ideal for covering long distances and maneuvering through challenging terrains.
Range of OptionsWith a wide selection of bolt-action and semi-automatic models available in different calibers and sizes, tactical hunting rifles provide hunters the flexibility to choose a rifle that suits their shooting style and specific hunting needs.


One of the most notable features of tactical hunting rifles is their precision.

Sure, most of the precision comes from your ability as a hunter, but having a rifle that can shoot accurately at long distances is a game-changer.

These rifles are designed with accuracy in mind, meaning you can take shots at great distances with confidence. Of course, when you're aiming at that 250lb buck at 300 yards, you want every advantage you can.

They often have features such as specialized scopes and adjustable triggers to help hunters achieve pinpoint accuracy. You don't want the rifle to be the cause of an inaccurate shot. Fortunately, even if the optic isn't everything you hoped for, you can always upgrade it later. We'll get into the range of options later.

For those who take their shots seriously and do not want to waste rounds, the precision of a tactical hunting rifle cannot be beaten.


Another key benefit of tactical hunting rifles is their durability. This is more so for brush hunters as opposed to those who love a cozy deer blind.

These rifles are made with high-quality materials that are built to withstand tough hunting conditions. They can handle heavy recoil, extreme temperatures, and harsh weather without experiencing any damage.

This also means that these rifles can last a lifetime if cared for properly, making them a worthwhile investment for serious hunters.


Tactical hunting rifles are highly adaptable. This might not be a feature that every hunter needs, but it is certainly useful for those in ever-changing hunting situations.

They can easily be adjusted to fit the specific needs of the hunter.

For example, some models offer interchangeable barrels, allowing you to switch between different calibers depending on your game.

Others come with adjustable stocks, allowing for a comfortable, personalized grip for the shooter.

Having these customizable options allows hunters to approach different types of game with the right-sized tools, which can make a significant difference in the quality of the hunt.


While tactical hunting rifles may seem large and unwieldy, many models are actually lightweight and easy to handle. Most of the components of the rifle are made from durable, lightweight materials such as aluminum and carbon fiber or other composites.

This is a crucial feature for hunters who must cover long distances or spend hours in the field.

Also, lightweight rifles can be a great asset for hunters where they need to move and navigate through brush or wooded areas and act fast if animals take off.

As we said, if you're lounging in a tree stand for hours waiting for that buck to come through, the weight of your rifle may not matter, but for brush hunters where speed and maneuverability are essential, a lightweight tactical hunting rifle is a must-have.

Range of Options

Lastly, one of the best features of tactical hunting rifles is the range of options available. We like to think of them as Legos for adults.

From bolt-action models to semi-automatics, there is a rifle out there for every hunter.

These rifles come in a range of calibers (such as .308 or 6.5 Creedmoor) and sizes, so you can find the perfect rifle to fit your specific hunting needs.

We always recommend that hunters buy a base model tactical hunting rifle and then add or change out parts as they see fit, or their budget allows.

For example, if you plan on targeting game at 300-500 meters away, you might want something like the Burris Eliminator V, but there are plenty of other brands that offer quality optics as well.

This way, you can customize the rifle to your liking and have a unique hunting tool that reflects your style and preferences.

The best tactical hunting rifles on the market.

Barrett MRAD 208 Winchester

It wouldn't be right if we didn't make a few recommendations to get you started. There are plenty to choose from, but these are some of our favorites and come in various calibers.

Brand & ModelCaliberWhat I Love the Most
Ruger Precision Rifle.308 Winchester / 6.5 CreedmoorExceptional Precision and Versatility
Remington 700.300 Winchester Magnum / .308 WinchesterTimeless Durability and Accuracy
Tikka T3x.270 Winchester / .30-06 SpringfieldSmooth Action and Excellent Accuracy
Savage 110 Tactical6.5mm Creedmoor / .300 Win MagAdjustable AccuTrigger and Affordable
Barrett MRAD.338 Lapua Magnum / .308 WinchesterModular Design and Extreme Long-Range Capability
This table shows some of the best tactical hunting rifles on the market.

Finding the perfect hunting rifle.

Tactical hunting rifles are a smart investment for serious hunters.

With features like precision, durability, adaptability, lightweight, and a wide range of options available, it’s no wonder why expert hunting enthusiasts so highly regard these rifles.

Whether you’re an experienced hunter or just getting into the sport, investing in a high-quality tactical hunting rifle could be the difference-maker during your next hunting trip.

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