We Tried It! The Hellcat Fishing Rod!

Matt Johnson
Matt JohnsonPublished: January 19, 2023
We Tried It! The Hellcat Fishing Rod!

The Hellcat rod series from Catch the Fever is an innovative and high-performance fishing rod that stands out from the rest. It's made with both carbon and S-glass for maximum strength and durability, plus a progressive taper to cast further and more accurately.

With three color options plus one special series, it also looks great in your hands or rod holders.

We've tested this rod in various conditions and are confident that it will meet all of your fishing needs - so let’s take a closer look at why this rod is worth every penny!

BrandCatch the Fever
ModelHellcat Rod Series (Medium, Medium-Heavy, Heavy, Extra Heavy
Construction MaterialCarbon and S-Glass for lightweight, durable construction
Handle and Butt FeaturesGimble on the butt, foam wrap with professional x-wrap style, aluminum reel seats with double-locking nuts
Unique FeaturePorted sidewall with painted-through blanks
Rod FeaturesOne-piece blank, progressive taper for better casting, hook keeper, 10 line guides plus the tip
PerformanceExcellent in various fishing conditions, handles different lures and tough strikes
Color OptionsHigh Viz Matte Green, High Viz Matte Orange, High Viz Matte Pink, Patriot Catfishing Edition
DurabilityHigh due to S-glass construction
Country of OriginMade in the US
Standout features and specifications we've loved the most with the Hellcat Rod.

Made in the US by Catch the Fever.

We're always looking at the latest and greatest in fishing gear, so when Catch the Fever company released their new Hellcat series of rods we knew we had to try them out.

The Hellcat series is designed with a high modulus graphite blank, stainless steel guides with titanium frames, and custom cork grips for comfort. With all these features, there's no questioning the durability. It's a lightweight rod that simply feels good in your hands.

Made for performance.

The Hellcat rod series can handle any type of casting situation with ease. We tried it out in different locations, from shoreline fishing to deep sea trolling, and found the rod to be responsive and powerful.

Handle and Butt Features

Starting from the base of the Hellcat rod series, Catch the Fever has incorporated a gimble on the butt of the rod so you can lock it into the rocket-launcher-style pole holders. This makes it an excellent rod for both boats and shore fishing alike.

The handle on the Hellcat rod has an upper and lower foam wrap with their professional x-wrap style to give it a unique look.

Also on the handle is aluminum reel seats with double-locking nuts to hold your reels in place. They also have a guide track so your reel doesn't move side to side.

One cool thing about this rod that makes it stand out from others is its ported sidewall with painted-through blanks. When you pick up a Hellcat rod, you know you're picking it up because it stands out. Catch the Fever really paid attention to detail.

Rod Features

The rod itself is a one-piece blank with several features that make it stand out from the rest.

For starters, it's made of both carbon and S-glass, which make it extremely lightweight yet still very durable.

They also added a progressive taper to the blank so that you can cast further and more accurately.

Near the handle is a hook keeper followed by 10 line guides plus the tip.

Durable construction.

When we look at fishing gear, we consider the quality of materials and construction that went into it. The Hellcat rod is made with the best components and feels like a high-end piece of gear in your hands.

We tested the Hellcat rod in various types of fishing conditions and can confidently say that its performance was top-notch. It handled different lures, presented them accurately, and could handle even the toughest of strikes.

Made from both carbon and S-glass, the Hellcat rod offers a lightweight yet very durable construction. We were impressed with the strength of this rod as it could handle even the largest catches without issue.

S-Glass Construction

S-glass, also known as Structural glass, is a type of fiberglass material that offers superior strength and durability compared to traditional fiberglass. It's composed of E-glass fibers, which have been treated with silane to increase their tensile strength and stiffness. This makes S-Glass an ideal material for high-performance applications such as the Hellcat rod.

Excellent color options.

Catch the Fever currently has three different colors and one special series for true patriots. They really focused on the presentation of the rod, as all three colors look great.

  • High Viz Matte Green
  • High Viz Matte Orange
  • High Viz Matte Pink
  • Patriot Catfishing Edition
These are all of the colors offered by Hellcat

Take note of the four colors. They're flashy and sleek. Not only will you feel like a pro, but you'll look like a pro on the water.

Hellcat Rod Series FAQ

Whenever we review gear, we get a lot of questions. Some are fairly common so we like to provide an FAQ so you can get all the information about the gear. In this case, we answer all of your questions about the Hellcat fishing rod.

Is the Hellcat rod worth it?

Without a doubt! They're on the more expensive end when it comes to fishing rods, but there's a reason for it. It's made from high-quality materials, has an excellent design and construction, and is designed for performance.

Yes, you get what you pay for.

Who makes the Hellcat Rod?

The Hellcat rod is made by Catch the Fever. They're also the same company that makes the popular Striper Stealth Series rods and the Big Cat Fever rod series, which means you know you're getting a quality product.

What sizes does the Hellcat rod come in?

The series is currently available in four Hellcat rod models, all measuring at 7'6"—

  • Medium
  • Medium-Heavy
  • Heavy
  • Extra Heavy

The size of the rod will affect the lure weight and line weight you can use.

How much does the Hellcat rod cost?

The cost varies from vendor to vendor, but you can typically find them for $139.95.

Final verdict on the Hellcat Rod Series.

Frankly, we're ecstatic about the Hellcat rod series from Catch the Fever. It looks great, it's lightweight and durable, and it performs exceptionally well in any type of fishing condition.

Keep in mind that we don't always find rods engineered and designed the way that this one is - so we're excited about it.

The downside to this rod is that it's expensive. Not the most expensive we've seen, but then again when it comes to fishing gear you get what you pay for.

The Hellcat rod series is a great choice and will serve you well for years to come. Get one and see for yourself why we think this rod series is so amazing. It'll take your fishing game to a whole new level.

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