Mystery Tackle Box vs MONSTERBASS: Which is the Ultimate Fishing Subscription Box?

John Malcolm
John MalcolmPublished: August 4, 2023
Mystery Tackle Box vs MONSTERBASS: Which is the Ultimate Fishing Subscription Box?

Fishing is an age-old hobby that has evolved tremendously with time. Today, fishing enthusiasts have many tools and gear to choose from. Among these are subscription boxes like Mystery Tackle Box and MONSTERBASS. These boxes bring the joy of discovery to your doorstep every month. But how do they stack up against each other? When you compare Mystery Tackle Box vs. MONSTERBASS which one comes out on top?

We've tried both subscription boxes and compared them against each other.  We'll break down what each one delivers, how it works. and what we like about them. 

FeatureMystery Tackle Box (MTB)MONSTERBASS
Contents of the Box5-7 products per PRO box, including baits and tackles from top brands.7+ bass fishing baits selected by local experts, tailored to your region.
CustomizationSurprise element with a variety of products.Personalized based on local fishing conditions and season.
CostPlans range from $19.99 to $39.99.Plans start at $20/month for a $30 value, up to $39.00 for a $60 value.
Target AudienceGeneral anglers looking for a variety of fishing gear.Specifically tailored for bass fishing enthusiasts.

What is Mystery Tackle Box?

Mystery Tackle Box

If you're an angler always on the hunt for fresh fishing gear, let us introduce you to the Mystery Tackle Box (aka MTB by many in the angling community). This innovative subscription service is a fun and affordable way to discover new fishing products from top-tier brands.

You can even purchase the Mystery Tackle Box at Amazon!

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How does the Mystery Tackle Box work?

The concept behind Mystery Tackle Box is simple. You sign up for a monthly subscription, and each month, you receive a box filled with top-quality baits and tackles. But here's the fun part - you never know what you'll get until you open the box!

What's in the box?

Each Mystery Tackle Box PRO contains 5-7 products with a combined retail value of at least $40. The items you'll find inside are a surprise, but they're always high-quality fishing products from well-known brands.

The original Mystery Tackle Box has shipped over 9 million boxes and counting, which speaks volumes about its popularity among the angling community.

The Mystery Tackle Box Bass Fishing Kit, for example, includes various quality items from manufacturers worldwide. It's like Christmas every month for fishing enthusiasts!

How much does the Mystery Tackle Box cost?

MTB has three different plans that range from $19.99 to $39.99. Of course, each of the different plans comes with various lures.  

If you're looking for a discount, you can always sign up for additional months in advance and save over 50% on the boxes. Not a bad deal at all!

It's worth noting that you can actually buy the MTB on Amazon, Walmart, and other locations. So it's not only in a subscription format, if you want to just try it out.

What we like and don't like about MTB.

What we love about Mystery Tackle Box is its element of surprise. It's exciting not knowing what you'll get, and it introduces you to products you might not have tried otherwise. Plus, it's convenient. No more running out to the local bait shop when you're low on supplies.

However, the mystery aspect may not appeal to everyone. Some anglers might prefer to know exactly what they're getting so they can plan their fishing trips accordingly. Also, while the value of each box is high, the cost might still be a deterrent for some.

The bottom line.

Broad product rangeMystery aspect may not appeal to everyone
More budget-friendly optionsCost might be a deterrent for some
Element of surprise

Overall, Mystery Tackle Box is a thrilling and convenient way for anglers to discover new products and keep their tackle box stocked.

Its service has made a significant splash in the fishing world and continues to reel in subscribers with its unique approach and high-quality offerings.

What is the MONSTERBASS subscription box?

MONSTERBASS Fishing Subscription Box

MONSTERBASS is a monthly fishing subscription box catering specifically to bass fishing enthusiasts. Unlike other generic fishing boxes, MONSTERBASS prides itself on being the only 100% bass fishing dedicated subscription box.

But what sets it apart is its personalized approach. They handpick the baits you receive each month based on the specific area of the country where you live and fish.

How does it work?

Every month, subscribers receive a box full of bass fishing tackle, including 7+ bass fishing baits selected by local experts in your region.

This ensures that the baits are suitable for your local waters and the season. That's a nice touch.

What does it cost?

While the exact costs can vary, the MONSTERBASS Platinum box goes for $39.00 and includes a value of $60 monthly. Their lowest plan is the silver at $20/month for a $30 value. All-in-all, not too bad.

While they don't offer discounts for purchasing 3, 6, or 12-month plans, they offer a free rod or reel when you purchase one.

What can you expect in a MONSTERBASS box?

Each box is packed with high-value lures from some of the best bass fishing brands in the world. In addition to 7 to 8 regionally and seasonally appropriate baits, the box includes a 24-page educational booklet.

This booklet provides valuable insights and tips on best using the baits in the box.

What we like and don't like about MONSTERBASS.

The biggest advantage of MONSTERBASS is its regional customization. The fact that the baits are handpicked based on where you live and fish makes this box incredibly personalized. This could potentially increase your chances of landing that big bass.

In addition, the quality of the lures included in the box is high, and the educational booklet adds an extra layer of value to the subscription, especially for beginners or those looking to up their game.

We're huge fans of learning about the local habitats. 

Conversely, the cost might deter some, especially casual anglers. Also, as the box is specifically curated for bass fishing, it may not appeal to those who enjoy catching various fish species.

The bottom line.

High-quality luresHigher cost
Regional customizationSpecifically curated for bass fishing
Educational contentMay not appeal to those targeting other fish

If you're serious about bass fishing and want a subscription box tailored to your local conditions, MONSTERBASS could be a great option. It offers a mix of high-quality lures, regional customization, and educational content that could give you the edge you need on your next fishing trip.

Comparing Mystery Tackle Box and MONSTERBASS.

When comparing these two services, a few key points stand out.  We looked at each of the areas and picked the one that stood out to us as superior to the other.

  • Product range. Both services offer many products in their boxes. However, Mystery Tackle Box seems to have a slightly wider range, given its partnerships with various manufacturers.
  • Price. Both services offer different subscription levels at different price points. Generally, Mystery Tackle Box appears to have more budget-friendly options, making it a good choice for those looking to discover new gear without breaking the bank.
  • Customization. This is where MONSTERBASS shines. Their commitment to tailoring boxes to your local fishing conditions is a unique selling point many anglers appreciate.

That's not to say you won't see it differently. However, this should serve as a good starting point when you're looking to dive into a fishing subscription box service.

And the winner Is...

While both services have their strengths, we'd go with Mystery Tackle Box if we had to pick one.

Its vast product range and more affordable options allow for a broader exploration of new fishing gear.

However, MONSTERBASS's customization certainly makes it a strong contender, especially for those who value gear tailored to their local fishing conditions.

Other fishing subscription boxes.

While we focused specifically on Mystery Tackle Box vs. MONSTERBASS, that doesn't mean other subscription fishing options exist on the market. Here are a few of the others we subscribe to and are big fans of—

  1. Lucky Tackle Box. Known as the most popular monthly fishing subscription box, Lucky Tackle Box introduces anglers to new baits and fishing tackles every month. It's like having a lucky charm delivered right to your doorstep.
  2. Tackle Monkey Bass Fishing Subscription Box. Included in the best fishing subscription boxes in 2023; this box caters to bass fishing enthusiasts. If you take your bass fishing seriously, this box is a must-have.
  3. Man-O-War Fishing Supply. Cited as the best for saltwater fishing, this subscription box provides all the essentials you need for a successful day out on the ocean. They call their subscription boxes black boxes.
  4. Warriors Tackle Supply. This mystery fishing lure box introduces anglers to custom lures, baits, and fishing tackle at a low cost. Each month is, a new hidden treasure delivered to your doorstep.

These subscription boxes could make the perfect gift for the angler in your life or even a treat for yourself. Each one promises excitement with every delivery, turning your ordinary mailbox into a treasure trove of fishing gear. 

Order a subscription box and start trying new things!

You're in for a treat for those who have never tried any sort of subscription box. Mystery Tackle Box and MONSTERBASS are phenomenal choices for fishing tackle, but we have to pick one for our Mystery Tackle Box vs. MONSTERBASS comparison.

Just because we would choose Mystery Tackle Box doesn't mean it's right for you. Take a look at what each of them offers and make a choice. If you're feeling frisky, try both or some of the other subscription tackle boxes.

John Malcolm

John Malcolm

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John is a highly skilled angler with over two decades of experience and a passion that has led him to participate in numerous tournaments, including reeling in a remarkable 9lb bass on Lake Okeechobee. His dedication to fishing and willingness to share his expertise make him a respected ambassador for the angling community, inspiring others to appreciate the sport.

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