Revolutionize Your Fishing Game With a Power-Pole Trolling Motor

John Malcolm
John MalcolmPublished: June 14, 2023
Revolutionize Your Fishing Game With a Power-Pole Trolling Motor

We all know how crucial the little details are regarding fishing. Researching the best bait or the ideal spot to cast your line for hours may all be for naught if you don't have the right gear. Enter the game-changing Power-Pole trolling motors.

Leading the way and by far our favorite, the Power Pole Move ZR (and PV), designed for the ultimate fishing experience, has advanced GPS navigation modes, anchor mode, and complete boat control. These trolling motors take peak performance technology to the next level. The ZR packs an unparalleled power punch with its whisper-silent operation, thanks to its state-of-the-art, next-gen brushless motor. With a wireless hybrid remote and foot buttons that are wireless, too, operating your Power-Pole Move ZR will be as exciting as magic.

So, are you ready to step up your fishing game? Power-Pole trolling motors can revolutionize your fishing trips, and we're here to give you a quick rundown of the basics.

Understanding the basics of a Power-Pole trolling motor.

If you're entirely new to fishing, you might wonder, "What on earth is a Power-Pole trolling motor?" Well, let's get down to the nitty-gritty.

A Power-Pole trolling motor is a mashup of a trolling motor and an anchor. It's the ultimate tool for anglers who want control and precision while on the water.

The Power-Pole trolling motor has become a must-have for many seasoned fishermen. It offers unparalleled accuracy and functionality; some even believe it holds the key to a successful fishing trip (although we think lures have something to do with it).

If you're looking to up your game and hook more fish, then familiarizing yourself with the powers of the Power-Pole trolling motor is the way to go. By learning how it operates and the many features it offers, you can achieve ultimate control and take your angling skills to new heights.

Benefits of using a Power-Pole trolling motor for fishing.

Power-Pole Move ZR on a Boat

A Power-Pole trolling motor makes fishing like a pro a breeze. Using one allows you to cover more water and reach hard-to-get areas quicker than ever. You will finally be able to target those largemouth bass deep in the reeds.

The industry-leading trolling motors make your Power-Pole move effortlessly and quieter, eliminating the spook factor that scares fish away. You'll take your fishing experience to the next level with cutting-edge technology, such as the ZR motor we mentioned. You'll have access to advanced features like anchor mode, power unity system, and GPS navigation modes to help you take complete control of your boat.

With our ZR, our favorite part is the GPS mode. When we're out on the lake we want to target specific spots. These spots would be nearly impossible to fish without our ZR.

The ultimate brushless trolling motor ensures silence measured to the decibel, so it won't spook the fish, even from several feet below. Take advantage of the stealth steering drive, which offers wireless control using hybrid remotes, wireless foot buttons, or the Power-Pole app connection.

This next-gen brushless motor delivers maximum power efficiency while its aerospace-grade titanium shaft provides ultimate strength and durability even in the most challenging conditions. Trust that a Power-Pole trolling motor is built to last and save you both money and time.

Factors to consider before choosing a Power-Pole trolling motor.

When trying to decide on a Power-Pole trolling motor, there are a few crucial aspects that you should keep in mind. Considering the following factors can help you choose a motor tailored to your needs and requirements, so you can be sure you have everything you need to establish your place in the fishing community.

Boat size.

One of the most important things to consider is the size and weight of your boat. You'll need a motor to provide enough thrust to move your vessel. If you have a larger boat, it'll require a more powerful motor than a smaller boat. Find a motor that can work with your boat's dimensions so that you can enjoy an optimal level of performance.


The kind of water you will be fishing in is also significant. Saltwater environments put your motor through plenty of challenges, so it's essential to choose one that can handle the corrosive effects of saltwater. Freshwater is more forgiving, allowing you to opt for a less expensive motor. You can find some that are corrosion-resistant and work excellently in salt and freshwater.


And, of course, you must factor in your budget. Power-Pole trolling motors can vary in price, so choosing according to your budget, preference, and needs is imperative. Although higher-end models come packed with many advanced features, such as GPS navigation modes and wireless remote controls, the price might not match your budget. An array of affordable options can still work perfectly to fit your needs.

Following these simple buying guides allows you to find a suitable Power-Pole trolling motor that will cater to your demands, improve your experience, and help you advance your fishing game.

Different types of Power-Pole trolling motors.

Power-Pole Move ZR and PV

When choosing the perfect Power-Pole products for your fishing needs, you'll discover many options today. Each model comes outfitted with its own unique set of features that are specifically tailored to suit different types of fishing situations.

Power-Pole Move ZR

First up is the Power Pole Move ZR, highlighted by its cutting-edge brushless motor, wireless remote control, and ultimate brushless trolling motor. The Move ZR delivers unparalleled power, with extreme efficiency and whisper-silent operation measured in decibels. This trolling motor has the scissor-hinged design that allows it to enter the water like Power-Pole's classic anchors.

This trolling motor is hands down the best in the game. While we always advocate for the best gear, keep in mind that this bad boy comes with a hefty price tag.

Power-Pole Move PV

The PV, just like the ZR, has many of the same features. The biggest difference is how it enters the water. It has a pivoting hinge which makes it ideal for saltwater applications and larger boats.

Again, with many of the same features as the ZR, it will have a hefty price tag. However, it'll beat out just about any saltwater trolling motor you can find.

Power-Pole Sportsman II

The Power-Pole Sportsman II is a more affordable option, but not without plenty of features. It is loaded with an extremely quiet pump (the quietest we've seen so far), drive-off protection, and is powder coated, so it'll last the harsh conditions. Our favorite part of the Sportsman II is the 2 button fob remote. We can be up on the bow of the boat tossing in a line and dropping the pole with the push of a button.

Ultimately, to find the perfect Power-Pole trolling motor for your needs, consider your individual fishing requirements, preferences, and budget. With so many options, you will find the ideal match for your fishing goals.

Tips for maintaining and caring for your Power-Pole trolling motor.

Maintaining your Power-Pole trolling motor is vital to get the most out of it. Our fishing experts have been using the Move ZR for months now and learned a thing or two about these trolling motors. Here are some tips to help you take good care of your motor—

  • Regular cleaning and inspecting of the motor are essential to ensure it is always in good working condition. Simply use mild soap and water to clean it, and dry it thoroughly before use. While we recommend you do this for freshwater uses as well, it's especially true for saltwater.
  • Always check the battery of your power pole trolling motor before and after use. Ensure you charge it regularly and avoid plugging it too long to prevent electrical mishaps.
  • Keep your motor dry and cool when not in use. Avoid exposing it to direct sunlight or extreme temperatures that may damage the motor.
  • To prevent wear and tear, it is essential to lubricate the moving parts of the motor regularly. Use high-quality lubricant for the best results.
  • If parts of your Power-Pole trolling motor are worn or damaged, replace them immediately to prevent further damage. This will not only save you from big expenses in the future, but it will also keep your motor in optimal condition.

By following these simple tricks, you can ensure that your Power-Pole trolling motor lasts for a long time and consistently provides peak performance. Regular maintenance and care are the keys to keeping your motor in excellent condition and giving you an unparalleled fishing experience every time you hit the water.

Power-Pole trolling motor FAQ

We've received tons of questions about Power-Pole trolling motors from our fishing fanatics, so we've outlined some of the most frequent ones here.

Does Power-Pole make a trolling motor?

Of course! In addition to their line-up of pole anchors, Power-Pole recently launched their first two trolling motors - the Move ZR and Move PV. Both are great options depending on what you're wanting to do.

What is the difference between Power-Pole PV and ZR?

The biggest difference between the PV and ZR models is how they enter the water. The Power-Pole Move ZR has a scissor hinge, while the PV has a pivoting hinge. This makes the PV better for saltwater applications and larger boats.

How deep does a Power-Pole go on a boat?

Depending on the model of the anchor, most Power-Pole models go between 8' and 12' deep. However, other brands, such as Minn Kota, offer a 15' option.

Is one Power-Pole enough?

If we're talking about the Power-Pole trolling motors, then yes, one is fine. However, for the anchors, one will typically work in bodies of water that are fairly calm. If you plan to fish in rougher water, then two or more are typically needed.

What type of battery do I need for a Power-Pole trolling motor?

Most Power-Pole products use a 12V deep-cycle marine battery. Make sure to check the specifications on the product page before you buy one, as some may require different types or sizes of batteries.

Ready to get your own Power-Pole trolling motor?

Power-Pole trolling motors are a game-changer for anglers. They offer benefits you didn't even know you needed until you've experienced them.

The power and efficiency they deliver in a compact package are unparalleled. With advanced GPS navigation modes, wireless hybrid remote, and whisper-silent operation, Power-Pole trolling motors are the ultimate brushless trolling motor that delivers total boat control.

Before you make a purchase, take some time to consider your fishing needs and research the different types of trolling motors available. Choose a Power-Pole trolling motor that aligns with your needs and budget.

Also, don't forget there are other brands out there that might deliver exactly what you're after at the price that works for you.

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John Malcolm

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