Top 8 Walleye Lures to Catch the Biggest Fish

John Malcolm
John MalcolmPublished: December 4, 2023
Top 8 Walleye Lures to Catch the Biggest Fish

Walleye, an elusive and challenging catch, is the ultimate prize for many anglers. Equipping yourself with the right lure can significantly increase your success rate in this exciting pursuit.

Having reeled in hundreds (if not thousands) of walleye over the years, we've narrowed down some of the best lures that have proven to catch the biggest fish. Here are our top eight picks—

Angler’s Choice Spear Tail WormVersatile soft plastic worm that mimics wounded baitfish movement.
AuthentX RingwormRealistic-looking soft plastic worm with unique ringed body for added vibration.
AuthentX MoxieSoft plastic creature bait designed to attract aggressive strikes from walleye.
Berkley PowerBait Rib WormRibbed soft plastic worm infused with PowerBait scent for enhanced attraction.
Berkley Gulp! NightcrawlerLifelike nightcrawler imitation infused with Gulp! scent for irresistible appeal.
Northland Fire-Ball JigJighead with short-shank hook and colored attractor blade for added flash.
Rapala Shadow RapsLifelike minnow lure with erratic swimming action that triggers walleye strikes.
Challenger MinnowsRealistic swimbaits with natural swimming motion, imitating injured or fleeing baitfish.

Understanding walleye and what lures work best.

Of course, we'll discuss our eight best walleye lures, but you really need to know why they work so well. Walleye are known to be one of the most sought-after freshwater fish species, and for good reason. They are challenging and elusive fish that require specific skills and techniques to catch.

Walleye are highly sensitive to light, which makes them most active during low-light conditions such as dawn, dusk, or overcast days. They also tend to feed near the bottom of the water, so your lures need to be able to reach them at their preferred depth.

You'll want to use lures that mimic their natural prey to catch walleye. These include small fish, insects, and other aquatic creatures. Now let's take a closer look at our top 8 walleye lures.

Angler's Choice Spear Tail Worm

Where to get this lure: Sportsman's Warehouse

Angler's Choice Spear Straight Tail Worm

The Angler's Choice Spear Tail Worm is a must-have lure for walleye fishing because of its enticing action and realistic appearance. Its spear-shaped tail creates a subtle yet irresistible swimming motion that attracts walleye in various water conditions. 

To use it, simply rig it on a jig head or a Texas rig and retrieve it with a slow and steady retrieve, allowing the worm's tail to do its magic. 

Be prepared for some exciting walleye strikes when using this versatile lure.

AuthentX Ringworm

Where to get this lure: Taps and Tackle

AuthentX Ringworm

The AuthentX Ringworm is one of the best lures for walleye anglers because of its unique design and incredible fish-attracting features. 

The ring-shaped body of this lure produces a subtle yet lifelike action that drives walleye wild. 

Simply rig it on a jig head or a drop shot setup and cast it out. Retrieve it with a slow and steady motion, allowing the ringworm to wriggle and wiggle in the water, mimicking the movements of natural prey. 

Get ready to reel in some trophy walleye with this fantastic lure.

AuthentX Moxie

Where to get this lure: Amazon | Bass Pro Shops

AuthentX Moxie

When it comes to walleye fishing, apparently AuthentX knows what they're doing, as they've got another killer lure on our list.

The AuthentX Moxie is a highly effective plastic bait that has gained popularity among walleye anglers. 

With its thin profile, beefy belly, and long thumping tail, it produces enticing vibrations and movements that attract walleye in both clear and stained water. We recommend going with the 4" Moxie, but they do come in a 3" size.

To use the AuthentX Moxie effectively, simply rig it on a jig head or a drop shot setup and cast it out. Retrieve it with a slow and steady motion, allowing the bait to create lifelike action that triggers aggressive strikes from hungry walleye. 

Don't be surprised if you start landing more trophy walleye with this fantastic lure in your tackle box.

Berkley PowerBait Rib Worm

Where to get this lure: Amazon | Berkley

Berkley PowerBait Rib Worm

The Berkley PowerBait Rib Worm is one of our go-to lures for walleye fishing due to its irresistible scent and lifelike appearance. 

The ribbed body design creates subtle vibrations in the water that attract walleye even from a distance. 

Rig a rib worm on a jig head or a Carolina rig and cast it out. Retrieve it with a slow and steady motion, allowing the rib worm to wiggle and move naturally near the bottom, enticing even the most finicky walleye to strike. 

It's no wonder this lure is a favorite among anglers targeting walleye.

Berkley Gulp! Nightcrawler

Where to get this lure: Sportsman's Guide | Amazon

Berkley Gulp Nightcrawler

Another by Berkley, the Berkley Gulp! Nightcrawler is a must-have lure for walleye fishing thanks to its realistic look and scent. 

Made from biodegradable materials, it imitates a real nightcrawler perfectly, fooling even the most cautious walleye. 

Like the Rib Worm, rig it on a jig head or a Carolina rig and cast it out. Retrieve it with a slow and steady motion, mimicking the natural movement of a worm, and get ready for some walleye action.

Northland Fire-Ball Jig

Where to get this lure: Sportsman's Guide

Northland Fire-Ball Jig

The Northland Fire-Ball Jig is a highly regarded lure for walleye fishing, earning its spot on the list of popular lures. 

Its short-shank Fire-Ball design allows for a compact live bait presentation, making it perfect for vertical jigging with minnows, leeches, or half a nightcrawler. 

Anglers can attach a Sting'r Hook to the Trailer Hitch at the base of the jig head to increase hooking success with short strikers. 

With its proven effectiveness and positive customer reviews, the Northland Fire-Ball Jig is definitely worth a try for anyone who wants to land more walleye.

Rapala Shadow Raps

Where to get this lure: Amazon | Sportsman's Guide

Rapala Shadow Raps

The Shadow Raps lure from Rapala is a go-to choice for walleye fishing and is deserving of its place on the list. 

Its lifelike swimming action and natural color patterns make it an irresistible temptation for walleye. 

To use the Shadow Raps, simply cast it out and let it sink to the desired depth. Then, give it a twitch to simulate a wounded baitfish, followed by pauses to mimic a struggling prey. 

This erratic action is sure to entice walleye and trigger aggressive strikes.

Challenger Minnows

Where to get this lure: FishUSA

Challenger Minnows for Walleye

The Challenger Minnows lure is a top choice for walleye fishing and rightfully earns its place on the list. 

Its streamlined body and lifelike design create an irresistible swimming action that attracts walleye. 

Whether you're casting or trolling, a slow and steady retrieve will imitate the movement of a wounded baitfish, making it highly appealing to walleye. 

These bad boys are like a secret weapon for walleye, but you'll also most likely reel in some pike with them.

Bring in the walleye!

The quest for the perfect walleye lure might be challenging, but the options outlined above are tried and true winners. 

From the action-packed Angler's Choice Spear Tail Worm to the realistic AuthentX Moxie and the versatile Northland Fire-Ball Jig, you're equipped with a selection of lures that will ensure successful walleye fishing trips.

John Malcolm

John Malcolm

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John is a highly skilled angler with over two decades of experience and a passion that has led him to participate in numerous tournaments, including reeling in a remarkable 9lb bass on Lake Okeechobee. His dedication to fishing and willingness to share his expertise make him a respected ambassador for the angling community, inspiring others to appreciate the sport.

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